Rewards Program FAQS

How do I sign up for your rewards program?

Click “Register” or use the “Rewards Program” link to “Create an Account” on the bottom right corner of the page.

If I register for an account, have I signed up for the rewards program?


Should I always make purchases signed in?

Yes. Otherwise, you won’t earn points for those purchases.

How can I earn points?

Create an account – earn 200 points.

Make a purchase – 10 points for every dollar spent.

Write a review - earn 100 points.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook - 100 points each.

Refer a friend – 90 points.

Birthday Bonus – 250 points.

Do my points expire?


Should I add my birthday to my account?

Yes! We’d love to celebrate with you by sending you a 20% off coupon!

How can I redeem my points?

Login to your account. Click on “Rewards Program” on the bottom right corner. Then click “Spend Points”.

If you have enough points, the coupon will be active. Click on the amount you wish to redeem. Apply the coupon code to your order!

Can I use more than one code when I check out?



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