Et' Lois Various Arty Print Knit Shoulder Shawls

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Et'Lois - creative knitwear "Made in the USA"  This shoulder shawl is the perfect layering piece.  Soft medium weight knit with a nice drape, heather grey background, printed on both inside & outside.  It comes in some wonderful artistic prints & can be worn as a scarf too! 

Fabric: 97% polyester 3% spandex.

Care: Machine wash, hand dry.

Made in the USA!

This style may be a special order.  It may take from 5-10 days for Et' Lois to produce your order.  Your CC will be charged when you place the order.  We will ship it USPS as soon as we get it.  If it does not work out for you it can be returned according to our return policy & the return period starts when you receive your style.